Last Frontier Adventures!

Nobody knows Alaska’s Outback and Routes like the locals.

We offer year-round cultural adventures (native traditions, cultural arts and bush lifestyles), wildlife tracking, best local fishing (salmon, pike, ice fishing, etc.) and base camp expeditions, crab, BBQs, famed Alaskan Brew and more!

And yes, we’ll be mixing in some highlights as well…

Trust your Alaskan adventure vacation to our experienced professional crew. Groups are small (1 to 8 people), we travel quietly, and the focus is on the land, its inhabitants and YOU. Whether you join us for a base camp trip, river rafting, canoeing or backpacking adventure there is plenty of free time for you to explore, bird watch, photograph, fish or do whatever pleases you most.  Because we could all use a bit more serenity in our lives.
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Alaskan Fly Fishing Trips

We’ll get you to the best fishing spots where monster sized fish await you. If you’re up for adventure fishing, this one’s for you! Our fishing adventures take you into the remote wilderness of Western Alaska where a base camp is established, and the fishing is rich and monster-sized. Fish for Shee-fish, Grayling, Pike, Silver & King Salmon.

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Alaskan Rafting Trips

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Alaskan Kayaking Trips

Experience a quiet, peaceful, and natural Alaska with abundant wildlife viewing opportunities and unparalleled views, this is the place — and we are the guides. Try it solo, or with a group — guided or unguided. Exploring Alaska’s waterways is an excellent way to experience this amazing state, and to leave the crowded highways, bus seats, and restaurants behind. This is the Real Alaska!

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Alaskan Dog Sledding Trips

Dog sledding is the quintessential way to experience Alaska. Refresh, relax, rejuvenate in the sparkling snowscape of the historic Iditarod Trail. Enjoy our fun-loving guides, sumptuous meals, fun lodging and our furry 4-legged friends. We’ll keep you warm, cozy & blissful in this true winter wonderland!

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Alaskan Fat Bike Trips

This Fat Bike winter tour will have you exploring the best of Alaska’s most pristine wilderness. New to Fat Biking? This adventure can be tailored to meet your comfort level. Set along the historic Iditarod Trail, with the best vantage point to catch 4 world-class races: Iron Dog Snowmobile Race, Iditarod Trail Invitational, Iditasport and the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

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Alaskan Base Camping Trips

Your Alaskan experience does not have to be a high adrenaline adventure. Our base camp trips allow you to settle into this wilderness landscape and enjoy the slower pace. From bird watching, wilderness photography, and bush-crafting, you’ll soon catch the Great Alaska fever and will never want to leave.

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This is not “Reality TV”.  Definitely not “Fake News”.  Out here, the only things more elusive than our majestic animals and the enchanting Aurora Borealis, are Reality TV stars and politicians.  Leave the soul-crushing politics and scripted reality shows behind when you venture into one of Alaska’s most remote and mysterious wilderness regions.  We provide Real Alaskan Tours that are professionally guided adventure tours deep into Alaska’s vast wilderness. shared a post.1 month ago

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Our rural villages cut off from the AMHS are in dire need!! Please donate what... shared a post.1 year ago

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Immerse yourself in the colorful, dancing lights of Alaska's aurora borealis.
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Explore Alaska! We make it easy. #TTOT #Alaska #USA #EU #Germany #UK #London...
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Experience Alaska’s wide open spaces! We’ll take you there. #TTOT #Alaska #USA #EU #Germany #UK...
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Explore the wonder of Alaska! We’ll make it easy. #TTOT #Alaska #USA #EU #Germany #UK... shared a post.2 years ago

“Beauty is Straight Up” when you’re surrounded by Alaska’s magical Auroras! #TTOT #Alaska #USA #EU
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Take some time and relax camping today.
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Qanikcaq - Yup’ik Word of the Week #TTOT #Alaska #USA #EU #Germany #UK
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Start the year off with a little magic. We make it easy. Local guides and remote villages. #TTOT #Alaska #USA shared a video.2 years ago

We’ll be there every step of the way. #TTOT #Alaska #USA #EU #Germany #UK
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